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The Language of Little Things – Taylor F.

Most people are familiar with the expression, “It’s the little things that count.” Taylor Fuller certainly knows this. With a Bachelors Degree in Rehabilitation from Emporia State University in Kansas, she understands that major accomplishments often happen in the smallest of ways. In the fields of occupational and physical therapies, it is the tiniest improvements that lead to huge progress in doing new things that make life meaningful. Her journey to L’Arche Jacksonville began when she worked with a young man named Samuel who had a severe form of autism. Samuel could not communicate verbally and had a difficult time expressing his needs. In her work with him, Taylor learned to communicate with Samuel using an iPad. Together, they created a type of language using colors and YouTube videos.

Later, Taylor found her way to Cleveland, Ohio where she worked at Maggie’s Place, a nonprofit serving pregnant women, young mothers, and their children. Maggie’s Place provided training for volunteers and staff through L’Arche Cleveland. As a result of her experience at L’Arche Cleveland, she decided to pursue a new vocation at L’Arche. Her spiritual journey brought her to L’Arche Jacksonville where she serves as an assistant sharing life with our core members in Peace House. Taylor says, “It’s the little things that bring out the most joy, humor, and spiritual bonding with the core members. Sharing special moments, a simple hug, a laugh, a smile… these are the God moments when you really feel connected…”


All of our assistants share a common desire to know God through service to our core members. Donor support of the Assistants Fund helps to make this happen. Without the Assistants Fund, L’Arche Jacksonville would be unable to provide the quality of staff that delivers unparalleled service and love to our core members. Because of their generosity, we all become heroes through shared lives of mutual grace and mercy.