Rainbow Workshop Day Training Program

Works From The Heart

Our busy, talented artists at L’Arche Jacksonville’s off-campus Rainbow Workshop take great pride in creating beautiful paintings, ceramics, mosaics, wall art, jewelry, note cards and Christmas cards for sale to the public. Thirteen L’Arche core members and six non-resident core members attend the Rainbow.

The Rainbow Workshop day training program operates on a small budget and has always relied on the generosity of supporters. Volunteer helpers are a blessing to us—as are those who help keep us in art supplies. Many of our projects require recycled objects that you may have at home. Please check our wish list for details.

Wish List
Rainbow tent sale

Where Our Art Travels

  • Riverside Arts Market
  • Local Area Churches

To know where we’re going next, find us on Facebook at L’Arche Jacksonville Rainbow Workshop.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday   9:30 am – 2:30 pm

“If human beings are to develop their abilities and talents to their fullest, realizing their potential as individuals, they need an environment that fosters personal growth.”


Support the Arts

Be part of our future! Help us serve more adults with intellectual/physical disabilities at the L’Arche Rainbow Workshop as an artist or helper.

Card Asst. 2023-Layout 1

Note Card Assortments

Painting, Jewelry, Mosaics

Our Talented Rainbow Artists!

Meet the L'Arche Artists 2023 VERT-Layout 1


Flowers decoration- Dino