Wish List

Things We Need Right Now

As a large community with very limited means, we couldn’t do what we do without generous, ongoing support from our friends and supporters. We update our wish lists frequently, so please check back as often as you can. Please be sure to inform the main office of any donation you make directly to the homes or Rainbow Workshop in order to receive proper documentation for tax purposes. Thank you!

Our Wish List

Blow out candles on birthday Cake
  • Tickets to concerts, plays, and sporting events
  • Soup bowls
  • Massage therapy for core members & assistants
  • Repair screen door for outdoor gazebo
  • A new or used sedan for transporting core members
  • A new or used mid-size SUV for transporting core members
Rainbow Workshop
  • Michael/Hobby Lobby/Walmart gift cards
  • Beads for jewelry 
  • Wire nylon for necklace (0.029)
  • Elastic string for bracelets (different width)
  • Acrylic paint (different colors)
  • Paint brushes (different sizes)
  • Water color paint
  • Pastel crayons
  • Watercolor paper (various sizes)
  • Canvas (different sizes)
  • Wood material for crafts (crosses, trays, bird houses)
  • Frames (different sizes)
  • Stained glass pieces (different colors)
  • Grout for mosaic (white)
  • E6000 (Industrial adhesive)
  • Elmer’s All Purpose Glue
  • Brackets to hang paintings and crafts
  • Magnets (small pieces)
  • Clay – white or red (high fire)
  • Glaze for ceramic (various colors, high fire)
  • Any other supplies for arts and craft (buttons, crystal vases, earring materials, tape)
  • Scissors
  • Transparent Tape
Peace House
  • New blinds for the living room
  • New lock for sliding door 

  • Exercise bike with low seat

Nouwen House
  • Card table
  • Paved walkway to gazebo
  • Mixer with bowl
  • Recumbent exercise bike
Greatfull House
  • Arts and crafts supplies (construction paper, markers, paint, glue sticks)
  • Stickers (all types)
  • Children’s books
  • Coloring books
  • Cordless Faux Wood 2″ White Blinds
  • 3-4 counter-height bar stools (with backs preferred)
  • Volunteers to help with house cleaning (floors, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Hardware store gifts cards (paint, supplies, etc.) 
  • Volunteers to help repaint rooms & patch ceiling
  • Plastic TV trays (for snack time and arts & crafts)
  • Donated professional cleaning service voucher or gift card
Sunflower House
  • Volunteers to help with yard work
  • Screen door to back deck
  • Small portable chain saw (to cut low branches)
  • Concrete pad for back patio
  • 3-4 counter-height bar stools (with backs preferred)
Community Night Hosts

If you are interested in hosting a monthly Community Night or if you have a suggestion for a host, please contact us by clicking on the button below.