Living at L'Arche Overview

Becoming a Resident

L’Arche Jacksonville currently has 15 core members living in 3 loving homes clustered around the Blanchart Community Center and the Rainbow Workshop, our day training program.  Our core members range in age from 42-78 and have called L’Arche home from 2 to 39 years!

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Living at L’Arche

Who is eligible?

L’Arche is primarily funded through the state of Florida. To be eligible to join L’Arche, you must have a Medicaid Waiver and be an adult with a primary diagnosis of an intellectual disability.

Living at L’Arche

Our Signup Process

L’Arche communities are often homes for life. Because of this, openings are rare, and we go through a unique discernment process. For more information about openings and eligibility, contact us and we’ll send you an application. Or you can download the application right now.