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After 28 Years, Sharon retired!

pictured above, Sharon Toth and Core Member, Sharon

After 28 years, Sharon has retired!

In 1989, Sharon became one of the first live-in assistants. At the time, Harbor House was not a part of the L’Arche Federation, but Sharon had plans in mind to change this. A year after living in Harbor House as an assistant, she quickly assumed the role of Assistant Director to accommodate a growing community. She worked alongside Dottie Klein, the first Executive Director, and together they formed the first, of many, administrative teams that Harbor House would see.

In 1992, Harbor House was adopted into the L’Arche Federation. Sharon agreed to spend six months in L’Arche Mobile as part of the journey from being Harbor House to becoming L’Arche Harbor House.

In 1997, the day program for our core members to express their creativity and experience personal growth – the Rainbow Workshop – opened. Sharon worked as the direct coordinator of Rainbow.

Shortly after, the Sunflower House flooded, and this was how she met her husband, Ron Toth. Ron was welcomed as an assistant to the Sunflower House and Sharon was the House Coordinator. Together, they responded to the flood, and we like to say their love was born that day on Noah’s Ark.

Throughout the years, Sharon wore many hats: House Coordinator of both Peace and Sunflower Houses; Development Director; Employment Coordinator after Harbor House received a grant; Spiritual Life Director; Accompaniment Director; Interim Executive Director – just to name a few. Attaining med waiver funding was one of her goals, which she accomplished as well. Her focus from day one has truly been to be in communion with the core members. She is mission-oriented, and the core members are the heart of everything she does. For 28 years, she said “Yes” to L’Arche, and she reflects the epitome of a life devoted to servanthood.

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