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L'Arche in the spotlight

March 24, 2020

There’s No Place Like Home

L’Arche Jacksonville and the Coronavirus

We hope that you are safe and well. Many friends and supporters have asked how the community is faring during this time of isolation and complete change in routines. The staff, assistants, and core members are cooperating with all recommended best practices, acting with the utmost caution to keep our community healthy.

Core members and assistants are permitted and encouraged to spend time outside. If they would like to use one of the shared common spaces, such as the deck, picnic area, or gazebo, they must coordinate with the other houses so that no two houses are using the same space at the same time. After using any, the house is responsible for wiping down anything that they touched (tables, chairs, etc.). When spending some time together outside, they sit 6 feet away from one another.

Assistants are keeping the core members active and engaged at home while they are unable to go on outings. This may include movie nights, playing board games, doing puzzles, reading together, doing in-home exercises, going for walks around campus, painting or drawing together, etc.

Houses are self-contained. Core members and assistants may not come into contact with members of other houses at this time. No visiting or gathering with other houses. Assistants may only share life in one house and may not go between houses.

• No visitors to any of the houses will be allowed, unless they are providing necessary healthcare. Necessary healthcare includes physical therapy, speech therapy, and hospice at this time.

• Every community member, live-in and live-out, must fill out a screening form upon entry to the house or when they begin sharing life.

• The screening form includes recording your temperature. If your temperature is above 100.4, you must notify the Leadership team and nurse. If you are a live-out, you must leave the premises. If you are a live-in, then you must immediately isolate yourself and wait for further direction. • If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions on the screening form, you will not be permitted to enter the house/share life.

• Core members’ temperatures must be taken and recorded at least once a day. Core members must also be monitored for symptoms each day. This is to be recorded along with their temperature. If a core member experiences any symptoms, then the nurse and leadership team should be immediately notified. If the core member has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, the nurse and leadership team must be notified.

• Rainbow Workshop will be closed March 19th, 2020 until further notice. The Rainbow assistants will provide art projects within the homes Monday to Friday from 9am-3pm.

• Core members are not permitted to go on any outings at this time. They may go on a drive if they do not leave the car.

• If an assistant or house uses the BCC after hours, they are responsible for sanitizing everything that they came into contact with while there.

• A cleaning checklist, which details which items must be sanitized on a regular basis, must be filled out every day.

• All employees of L’Arche should practice social distancing. Avoid crowds, public places such as restaurants, bars, or events, and limit your time out in public to only what is absolutely necessary.

• All employees of L’Arche should be washing hands frequently: Upon entering the house, before preparing food, before giving medications, before providing any personal care, and between providing assistance to different core members.

• Core members and assistants should limit hand holding, hugs, and any form of physical touch to only what is necessary to provide care.

• Whenever any person (assistant, core member, healthcare provider, etc.) enters the house, they must wash their hands immediately upon arrival.

• All nonessential medical appointments will be rescheduled.

• All employees are instructed to avoid coming into L’Arche if they experience any cold or flu-like symptoms.

• The Leadership Team and Nurse will be meeting on a regular basis to review the situation and adjust protocols as needed.

If any member of the community, assistant or core member, experiences symptoms of COVID-19 (shortness of breath, fever, and/or cough) or has exposure to someone with COVID-19, notify the nurse and Bridget immediately. If neither answers please notify Claire. They will notify Melanie.