Stories : Katrina B.

Relationships that bind.

A key characteristic for living at L’Arche is the ability to create community. Katrina is a prime example of the fullness of life that community brings to us all.

Katrina has shared life with her friends at Peace House since 1988; and the fact that she is blind and, without her hearing aid, is also deaf, puts no limit on her Joy of life.

Throughout the pandemic year while her ARC workshop was closed, she anticipated the monthly packet of activities that they mailed to her. She enjoyed the challenge of trivia questions and word games, as these were relational, being done with another person or in a small group at Peace House. The recipes that were included were also of high interest to Katrina, since she delights in creating menus for her house, trying new dishes, and preparing a meal for her friends.

Katrina has long been a participant in charity walkathons and continues to enjoy this form of exercise and charity. Most recently, after having collected donations from others at L’Arche, she completed a one-mile walk on our property to benefit Best Buddies. Our L’Arche Business Manager, Karla Smith, was happy to accompany her.

Music is an energizer for Katrina. Whether singing, whistling, playing percussion, or dancing, she is ever ready to share her talent at home or on Zoom for the entire L’Arche community.