Living a simple lifestyle


L’Arche Jacksonville invites you to a VIRTUAL VISIT to experience the gift that is shared life in our homes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about our L’Arche community! 

  • November 16 @ 10 am – General Information
  • November 30 @ 10 am – General Information
  • December 7 @ 10 am – General Information
  • December 14 @ 10 am – General Information

30-minute presentation includes:
      • Introduction to L’Arche Jacksonville
      • 5-Minute Video
      • Question and Answer Session
      • 10 person limit per zoom session

About L’Arche Jacksonville

L’Arche Jacksonville is a community with four family-style homes, the Blanchart Community Center and an off-site day program called the Rainbow Workshop.

We believe that by creating an environment where people with intellectual and physical disabilities can share their gifts, we are affecting a positive change in the world. We believe that these shared gifts have the power to transform the lives of those who are open to receiving them. We celebrate the unique value of every person and recognize our need for one another. We resolve to explore and appreciate the diverse cultures and faith practices within L’Arche and to work together toward a more evolved and caring human society.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Announcing our spirituality as a L’Arche community
  • Witnessing a simple lifestyle and mutual respect for differences
  • Nurturing relationships